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Start Amazon Private Label Business

Show Your Products to More People

SkyRcoket Your Online Sales Instantly

Set-Up Laser-Target PPC to Boost Sales

Build A Top Selling Amazon Brand

With Cridiqa

A Complete Amazon Business Solution Agency

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Boost your Amazon sales FAST

We have a proven method to amplify your Amazon sales instantly. We have tested and improved this method over a period of 5 years and implementing it on more than 50+ clients who are enjoying a huge number of organic orders every day.

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Find keywords that actually CONVERTS

We have state of the art in-house software and teams who keep a lookout on most converting keywords for your product on Amazon. We adjust our strategy on daily basis to maximize the number of clicks and conversions.

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Seamless product ranking FORMULA

Get your product on the first page and top spot on Amazon with our in-house developed strategy. We thoroughly optimize your Amazon listing and use our ranking techniques to keep your products on top spots allowing you to immensely grow your organic presence.

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Show your product to more people with SOCIAL MEDIA

Create extremely compelling chatbots and scroll stopping ads to reach millions of people outside Amazon with our social media ad strategy and eye-catching landing page templates.

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Create massive social media proof with automated process to get more REVIEWS

We set up a hassle-free automated system to incresase the total number of reviews. With a completely automated procedure to reach your customers for feedback, you wont be worried about social proofs ever again.

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Less Spent and More Sales with Laser Target PPC

Our expert PPC team creates and optimizes hyper-targeted sponsored campaigns with the minimum ACOS possible. We monitor keywords on daily basis, scaling the ones who are performing and killing the keywords who are eating budgets only.

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A launch strategy so powerful Geoff had to turn off PPC!


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