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How to Increase Revenue on Amazon with the help of Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

First of all the key difference between Google/Normal SEO and Amazon SEO is that Google's algorithm was designed for selling ads, while Amazon's algorithm was designed for selling products to their consumer. Although you can purchase the same product directly from Google, Google and Amazon both have a different driving metric method. As Google depends on the number of clicks a webpage receives whereas Amazon depends on the conversation rate (Basically your sale volume or how many times the products have been sold to consumers), for example, a watch with 10,000/- sales will naturally rank higher than the one with 2,000/- sales.

Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of boosting your Amazon product listings, to rank them more highly on Amazon searches for interconnected keywords. So when you boost your product listings, it becomes easier for Amazon to identify your listing and show it to the consumer who is looking for that particular product.

The better the ranking of your products would be on Amazon the more visibility it will produce for the consumer, and will moderately draw their attention. By which more revenue will be generated.

What is & how Amazon Algorithm Works?

Amazon A9 Algorithm is basically designed for product searches and is the system which Amazon uses to decide how products have to be ranked in the search result. It analysis the search queries for keywords and then matches customer needs with relevant product. On a daily basis Amazon tries to find relevant, proper descriptive, and trustworthy content or supplier to deliver to its consumer. Next, Amazon tries to assess purchase probability based on how effectively your product has performed in the past. So to find out this the Amazon A9 Algorithm has to through metrics at the keyword level Firstly

Click-Through- Rate, Conversation Rate, Overall sales.

If the product has a high number of clicks, sales volume (conversation rate), and overall sales by the

the company then Amazon will show your products on the Amazon search engine result page (SERP).

What is the main role of Keywords in Amazon Listings?

To increase the sales on Amazon, product listings should have the proper keyword in the search query if it doesn’t have any keywords or similar keyword then it won’t appear in the search result this why keyword optimization plays the main role in Amazon SEO.

So to overcome that, you can use Amazon SEO tool like
Merchant words or Helium 10. This tool will help
you to find out what customers are searching for on Amazon when they want to buy your product (or your opponent's product).

So if a company wants to boost its Amazon product listings and want to achieve its objectives of increasing sales of their products by which more customers can be attracted through High Conversation Rate, this objective can be fulfilled by one of Cridiqa’s services which are Amazon SEO.

As Cridiqa has 3 Years experience in Amazon FBA Consultancy and 7-8 Years of experience in E-Commerce field. Mr. Syed Muhammad Abubaker shah and Mr.Omair Haider Malik, as they both have a quite of individual experience too in this field and they are the founder of Cridiqa.

As in Cridiqa, our skilled team will guide you step by step and will Inshallah achieve your Company’s objective. You can visit our website for further updates and knowledge. 

All the necessary posts in one place:

#Greatest Hits

All tags