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Have you ever heard about Amazon assistant or the service provided by Amazon assistants? Well, Amazon assistant is software that is available free. But this service is not available on all browsers. The assistant selects the operational system and the browser itself and helps you to compare different products and their prices in the online market.


To avail of the Amazon Assistant Serviceyou must have an account and a good internet connection. Amazon assistant will work as long as you have a stable internet connection. You don’t need to activate or start the Amazon assistant again and again, as it works automatically in the selected browser.


Amazon Assistant helps you with your experience with online marketing and gives you a totally customized experience, where you can monitor many things on multiple platforms through your Amazon assistant.


Amazon assistant is also available on mobile, but only on android phones. To activate Amazon assistant on your android Smartphone, you need to visit Play Store run by Google.

While there are many benefits of Amazon assistant, but people usually get irritated by its automatic functioning and unwanted browser changes. Many think that Amazon assistant somehow acts as a hijacker. So, people want to get rid of Amazon assistant as soon as it starts irritating them.


Here are some ways that will help you in getting rid of your Amazon assistant from different browsers:


Getting Rid Of Amazon Assistant From Opera:


ü  Open the ‘opera browser’ on your computer.


ü  Now go to ‘tools’, find ‘extensions’, and click ‘manage extensions’.


ü  Find Amazon Assistant in your extensions (if you have added Amazon assistant as an extension to your browser).


ü  Now click the ‘uninstall button’.


ü  Check all the extensions, and remove all the doubtful extensions that you have downloaded in your browser. In this way, you will be able to remove all the suspicion causing software from your browser.


Remove Amazon Assistant from Safari:


ü  Start Safari on your computer (Windows or Mac), and open the ‘preferences’ from the drop-down menu of your safari.


ü  Now open the ‘extensions’ tab. And find the ‘Amazon Assistant’ extension in your browser.


ü  Now click the ‘uninstall’ button to permanently remove it from your Safari.


Get rid of Amazon Assistant from Google Chrome:


ü  Open your ‘Google Chrome’ browser on your computer.


ü  Open the extensions by searching them on your search bar, or from the little puzzle sign on the right of the search bar.


ü  Now find ‘Amazon Assistant’ in your extensions.


ü  Now remove the Amazon Assistant by clicking the ‘trash can’ icon.


ü  Keep a regular check of all your extensions, if Chrome is your default browser to get rid of suspicious extensions and keeping your computer safe from hijackers.


Remove Amazon Assistant from Mozilla Firefox:


Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Waterfox are two main browsers. The difference between these two Mozilla browsers is that only the Mozilla Waterfox gives the legacy for the extensions. Extensions are safe in there, and there is no potential risk associated with them. Here is a manual procedure of how to get rid of Amazon Assistant from your Mozilla Firefox:


ü  Open your Mozilla Firefox browser.


ü  In the search box type ‘about: addons’.


ü  After this command, find the ‘Amazon Assistant’ extension from the result of your search.


ü  Now click the ‘remove’ or ‘disable’ button in your browser.


ü  Don’t forget to complete the check of all your extensions and remove the suspicious ones.


Remove Amazon Assistant from Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11:


In the latest version of the Internet Explorer, there is no option of removing the extensions from your browser, so you cannot uninstall or remove the Amazon assistant extension, like all the other browsers.


But that does not mean that you cannot get rid of your Amazon Assistant. You have to follow the instructions given below as well as uninstall the Amazon assistant from the control panel.


ü  Start your Internet, Explorer.


ü  On the top-right, you will find ‘gear/asterisk’ icons, click on that icon.


ü  You will find ‘Manage Add-ons’ in the opened results.


ü  Now select the ‘Toolbars and Extensions’ icons.


ü  Find the ‘Amazon Assistant’ extension, and click ‘remove’ or ‘disable’.


ü  And yes, do not forget to throw away suspicious extensions sitting in your browser.


Remove Amazon Assistant from Windows XP:


Windows XP is one of the oldest windows. Many people have moved to the latest versions of

Windows, but here are instructions if you are an oldie.


ü  Press the ‘start’ button and go to the ‘control panel’.


ü  Now click ‘remove or add programs’.


ü  Find suspicious installed programs and ‘Amazon Assistant’ from the list of programs.


ü  Now click ‘uninstalled’. And you have successfully gotten rid of Amazon Assistant.


Remove Amazon Assistant from Windows 8:


Windows 8 is widely used by personal computer users. Here is a manual instruction list on how to get rid of Amazon Assistant on your Windows 8:


ü  Open the ‘menu’ by hovering your mouse to the extreme right.


ü  Open the ‘search’ menu, and search for ‘apps’.


ü  After clicking ‘apps’ open the ‘Control Panel’.


ü  Now find ‘programs’ and then ‘Uninstall a program’.


ü  Locate the ‘Amazon Assistant’ and click on the ‘uninstall’ button to get rid of the application.


ü  Do not forget to get rid of other suspicious applications and programs.


Remove Amazon Assistant from Windows 10:


Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows. There are two ways of getting rid of your Amazon Assistant from your Windows 10.


Way (1):


ü  Right-click on the ‘start’ button of your windows.


ü  Now click on the ‘Programs and Features’ from the resulted menu.


ü  Locating ‘Amazon Assistant’ from your installed programs won’t be difficult if you have not installed it long ago.


ü  Open the Amazon Assistant program, and now click on the ‘uninstall’ button.


Way (2):


ü  Open the ‘start’ menu on your windows.


ü  Click on the ‘settings’ from the resulted menu.


ü  Open ‘apps and features’ and find your ‘Amazon Assistant’ from your installed applications and programs.


ü  Click on the ‘Amazon Assistant’ button, and click ‘uninstall’.


ü  Do not forget to kick out unwanted and malicious extensions from your computer.



All the necessary posts in one place:

#Greatest Hits

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