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Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click)


Types of Amazon PPC


There are 3 types of Amazon PPC through which the seller or vendor can advertise their product and optimize their sales.


  • Sponsored Products

  • Sponsored Brands
    Product Display Ads

Sponsored Products

These are cost-per-click (CPC) ads that basically optimize individual product listings on Amazon. In Sponsored Products, the ads appear on the search result page and on Amazon detail pages. Using Sponsored Products ads increases conversation rates because it concealments between the organic results, the advantage which advertiser gets is its product are shown on the first page of Amazon search web page and it ranks on the top or between the organic results, approximately 70% of shoppers buy their product from the first page of the search web page in Amazon.

Sponsored Brand

In this type of advertisement, the seller or vendor are provided with one more advantage, which is that they can customize their ads. An advertiser can customize their brand logo, a custom headline and multiple category products can be advertised. The Sponsored Brand the ad appears on top of the search result and because of which it is nearly impossible for the shopper to miss the ads. Through Sponsored Brand ads the Seller can build brand awareness by creating custom headline they can share their brand message to shopper and draw their attention towards the ads

Product Display Ads

This type of ad targets shoppers’ interest along with supportive and even opponent products. It basically targets consumers differently as compare to Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brand, by allowing the advertiser to target the ads according to consumer’s interest, the advertisement appears below the “Add to Cart” button. The main reason behind why an advertiser should use this advertisement is it will help in Growing business on Amazon by reaching the relevant audience who are browsing, discovering and purchasing products on and off.


Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click)

Why Cridiqa?

As the competition is rapidly increasing on Amazon, huge numbers of Seller are trying to sell the same products with different marketing strategies and Unique Selling Point to grasp the attention of Shoppers. So to survive in this competing environment on Amazon requires an aggressive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy but it also demands a competitive Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign.

Cridiqa will help your product to survive in this competitive environment on Amazon through our Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy.

The advantages which you will get by out Amazon Pay-Per-Click Services:

  • Decrease Your ACOS

  • Increase Your Product Orders

  • Improve Your Brand Awareness

  • Grow Your Market Dominance

  • Enhance Your Amazon SEO strategy

  • Reach Your Target Shopper

  • One of our client reviews on Amazon Pay-Per-Click Services:
    Geoff Gunkar

  • Hey guys,
    “So, good news and bad news: you’ve done your job so well that I’m selling bags faster than I can restock them. I have an order on the way, but the inventory I have in stock won’t sustain the current sales volume until it arrives.
    For this reason, I’m thinking about turning off my PPC campaigns and relying on organic sales until inventory arrives”.

  • So Cridiqa launch was so powerful Geoff had to turn off Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy. 

All the necessary posts in one place:

#Greatest Hits

All tags