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What Cridiqa is Providing?


From where it all started

Cridiqa was started by two passionate people, Mr. Syed Muhammad Abubaker shah & Mr.Omair Haider Malik. Both belong to the IT sector and obtain great knowledge regarding Digital Marketing and E-commerce.

They begin their business with a clear vision of providing high-quality services to Amazon sellers and making business unchallenging for them.

They invested their time and dedication in Cridiqa, to establish a strong base in the industry. And eventually as the company started to attract clients and generating revenue out of it, they decided to hire some staff and gradually they made a team of more than 50 talented people.

Cridiqa all so have a headquarter in the UK, and two operation offices in Pakistan in two different cities, Multan and Karachi.Mr. Syed Muhammad Abubaker shah and Mr.Omair Haider Malik have the vision to make Cridiqa the best company in the world for Amazon seller account management services. Cridiqa now has more than 50 clients with a collective pool of 1.6 Million US Dollars investment in Amazon. This was a long shot but honesty, dedication, passion and hard work can do wonders.

What Services we Offer

As Cridiqa is an Amazon FBA consultancy firm, the services which Cridiqa is offering to their clients are:

Amazon SEO

Updating your product listings to increase their visibility or placement on Amazon search results. With our Amazon SEO (search engine optimization) Cridiqa will optimize your Amazon product listings to rank more highly on Amazon searches. By using Cridiqa services your company

can increase revenue.

Amazon PPC

Competing on Amazon requires more than an aggressive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy it also demands a strong pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

To achieve this Cridiqa can help your company to maximize your earnings.
With Cridiqa Amazon PPC service your company
can decrease ACOS, increase your product orders, and improve your brand awareness, Grow your market dominance, enhance your Amazon SEO strategy and reach your target shopper.

What Cridiqa is Providing?

Amazon Account & Ranking Maintenance

Increase revenue, hunting profitable products and improve lead generation. With our Amazon Account & Ranking Maintenance services, Cridiqa expert consultants will help your company by focusing on profitable products and maintaining their Amazon seller account.

Reviews & Sales Velocity

Sales Velocity is a major factor in Amazon algo and necessary for ranking initially. Cridiqa creates and maintains sales velocity on your product by diverting traffic on your products from Amazon PPC (paid advertisement). Cridiqa is specializing in running highly targeted and compelling chatbots flows to attract shoppers online. We use this shopper’s attention to increase sale velocity and give rise to reviews on client’s products.

Market, Brand, Product Research

Utilization of common and exact tools like Jungle Scout, Helium 10, and Viral dispatch to get the most real information with the goal of decrease the risk of putting your resources into low selling products and can focus on better ROI (Return On Investment).
To achieve a better Return On Investment Cridiqa will do some research to decrease the risk

  • Competitor check

  • A track ok sales history

  • Top-notch tools

  • Average Best-Seller Ranking

  • Average Price

  • The average number of reviews

  • Opportunity score

“To enable businesses to grow by using our effective digital marketing services, and

people to be satisfied by finding convenience, fun, and value in our online products.” 

All the necessary posts in one place:

#Greatest Hits

All tags