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Frequently Asked Questions

+ How can I become apart of Cridiqa?

You can join Cridiqa team if you have at least one complete Amazon product launching experience in any marketplace under the supervision of Extreme Commerce Pakistan. Join our Amazon Masterclass to learn the skills yourself. Afterward, you have a choice to work on our clients and join Cridiqa or explore the world. P.S. We have a screening system where we take interviews first before getting you on-board. Cridiqa has the right to select or reject any participant without providing any reference.

+ How much you charge for your services?

Our charges depend upon the client's requirements. Since every client has different scenarios, we can't just stick to a single price. This is why we have a "Get a Quote" option where we first understand the requirements of the client and then quote a price.

+ Does Cridiqa provide A to Z services of Amazon or just product launching services?

Cridiqa offers complete services regarding Amazon's business. We offer Amazon account creation, product hunting, sourcing, launching and everything in between. With Cridiqa, you don't have to go anywhere else for anything regarding Amazon.

+ I have a referral clint to offer. Can I give it to Cridiqa?

Yes. You will be paid a 10% referral commission if the clients get on-board. ALso, you can be a part of the team and would work together with Cridiqa on your client. This way you will learn and earn at the same time.

+ Do you provide services other than Amazon PL like Amazon Wholesale or Dropship?

Currently, we are only providing services regarding Amazon FBA PL as this is our strong suit. We have a 100% success rate in doing Private Label product launches on Amazon.

+ What is Cridiqa all about?

Cridiqa is a complete Amazon FBA Private Label service providing agency. We help Amazon sellers to start a profitable business on Amazon and scale it with minimum risk involved. We have successfully launched over 60 profitable products in 6 different Amazon marketplaces like the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, and UAE for our clients.