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Join Amazon Masterclass by Cridiqa!

First time in Pakistan, Introducing a practical learning program for Amazon where you will train by working on real Amazon selling accounts
  • A complete hands-on training experience in real time

  • Be part of a powerful eco system and grow massively

  • 1 to 1 training inside our state of the art incubators

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Once in a lifetime opportunity to sit, interact and learn with Amazon experts in a growth-focused eco system

At Cridiqa, we believe in unity and team power. That is why, we have developed a complete eco system where we gather like-minded people to learn,grow and earn under the mentorship of our CEO’s Mr Abubaker and Mr Omair. Atmosphere here is super friendly and full of energy plus advance knowledge of career growth and self development. We share ideas, do some awesome brainstorming and practice on real Amazon seller accounts. Our vision is to produce top quality Amazon resources so we could be number 1 country in providing exceptional quality Amazon PL business services to the world.

We won't just learn Amazon there, we will play games, have fruitful progressive chats and will have lots of fun too. Head over to us and we will tell you the story of how we started and grew this company to a multinational agency in Amazon PL business services over a cup of coffee ;)

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How can I join Amazon Masterclass by Cridiqa

Currently Cridiqa has only one incubator in Multan city. In 3 months time Cridiqa incubators will be in every major city of Pakistan.

If you are from Multan, you can come to our specially designed incubator where you will learn from Amazon experts. Your journey will start from familiarization of Amazon FBA PL business model and how it works, hunting a golden product which has growth potential, sourcing them with high profit margins keeping quality intact, to all the way of launching products for clients on their Amazon accounts. You will also learn what legal issues you need to keep in mind while doing Amazon business for your clients.

If you are not from Multan, you can join the program where you will be attached with a member of team Cridiqa who will take you from start to finish on real Amazon launches. You will be learning and working virtually to enhance your Amazon skills by first shadowing the team member and then taking charge and doing everything yourself. Don't worry, you will be getting the same privilege and same opportunity even if you remotely take this masterclass.

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How can you join Cridiqa official team after training?

Once you finish your training and we have seen your potential, we will give you an opportunity to work with us on our corporate clients.

Cridiqa will pay you 30% of equity from the profit we get from that specific client. That way you can easily recover your fee for enrolling into this masterclass. You also have the choice to simply complete the training and explore the world yourself too.

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