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Looking for a profitable product to sell on Amazon?

Use Cridiqa to quickly filter through millions of Amazon products and find the winning one
  • Discover high search volume products with low competition to breach the market

  • Beat the competition in finding the hottest trending products in every category

  • Dominate the niche by launching multiple products to create a brand

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Why we use detailed keyword data to find golden products

Amazon marketplace could be intimidating especially to new sellers. According to statistics, around 90% of the people fail in Amazon FBA PL business and the core reason is lack of knowledge regarding the system and methods to sell on Amazon. So how do you breach this highly competitive marketplace and be successful when there is an excessive failure rate? That is where Cridiqa comes in. Our team of highly trained professionals have launch experience of 50+ successful products. We collect data from the niche and evaluate it over 60+ quality standards to be absolutely sure about the product statistics and success possibility before launching it on Amazon. 

With our extreme keywords, niche research and quality product selection process, you can get a birds eye view of complete product launch before even investing in it. We call this, deep-analysis based product research, and it is a powerful process to launch, rank and scale quickly on Amazon.

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Minimize the risk and boost your success with Cridiqa estimates & projections

The simple formula to be successful on Amazon is to actually know how the system and algorithm works at the backend. Usually the humans make decisions about the product placing or selling but in Amazon, everything is controlled and placed by algorithm. Product ranking and visibility can only be earned by increased number of sales. The more sales you have, the more visibility you get which results in top positions on Amazon. This is what you need to ride all the way to the top:

  • A Quality product people want to buy

  • Decent review count and social proof to make the shoppers feel comfortable with your brand

  • Consistent sales over a period of time with noticeable growth

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Don't Just be a Sleeping Partner. Learn from real experts who build Amazon businesses all Day

We always appreciate our clients to learn Amazon FBA PL business with us so they could develop a deep understanding about the system. We cover everything from finding a golden product to logistics to selling it on Amazon. We offer a self-service plan starting from just $30 per month, going all the way up expert consulting.

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