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What is a brand

When people talk about branding, they often focus on logos and color schemes. In reality, branding is something much deeper than that. It’s the personality of your business, and it dictates everything about it: your audience, how you talk to them, and how you sell your products and services.

Take, for example, the concept of a “brand voice.” Whether you took a long time thinking about the brand voice of your company or not, it still has one. Every product description or social media post that you write communicates the type of company you run.

Is your brand voice a friendly or formal one? Serious or lighthearted? Edgy or family-oriented? This affects how potential customers perceive your business. Another way you might express your brand is through the images you use. If they all feature young women, for example, people might associate your brand with youth and femininity.

Some of the most famous international brands include Coca-Cola and Walmart. Their logos, adverts, and slogans are instantly recognizable all around the world. Just because your company is a much smaller business doesn’t mean you should ignore the importance of branding. Your brand still matters even when you’re selling through Amazon, another well-known brand name!

Building a brand on Amazon

You can build your brand on the Amazon platform in many ways. One way is by taking advantage of product listings as a place for you to effectively communicate your brand identity.

This can be achieved by adopting a unique brand voice and using consistent imagery that gives your full product range a cohesive quality. Customers will begin to recognize and build a relationship with your brand.

You can also use Stores, an Amazon tool, to curate relevant content. This is an alternative method of attracting customers to your store. These days, many consumers prefer seemingly “organic” content marketing to more traditional advertising methods.

Content marketing involves providing useful or entertaining content that serves the additional purpose of highlighting a brand or product. For example, a seller who sells cosmetics might publish make-up tutorials showing how to use their products.

You can pay to become a Sponsored Brand on Amazon in order to raise awareness of your store. Amazon allows you to place prominent and customizable adverts across the platform.

Data can be very useful in helping you understand which strategies are working for your brand and which ones are not. On the Amazon platform, you can access Brand Analytics and enjoy insights regarding the performance of your marketing materials.

Why is branding important on Amazon?

Do you want to depend on random, one-off purchases or would you rather become the go-to place for certain products? If you build your brand well, you can cultivate a loyal customer base. Rather than wait for new customers to find you, you can make repeat sales and build a solid reputation on the platform.

On a platform like Amazon, you’re competing with big brands as well as smaller sellers. How will you distinguish your store from the rest? Even if you’re selling similar products, you can create your own lane by building a strong brand identity. Then, you’ll attract customers who have a natural affinity with your brand’s personality.

A strong brand can add value to the products you sell. It is a non-physical asset that can help your business grow and generate additional profit. This is why companies treat their brands with importance, taking legal measures to protect them.

What is brand registry and what support is available?

If you’ve invested time, money, and energy in building your Amazon brand, the last thing you want is for someone else to copy it! This is why Amazon Brand Registry exists.

You can enroll your brand with the platform — as long as you have a registered trademark — and, once Amazon has verified that you are the Rights Owner of it, they will support you to protect your brand.
With Amazon Brand Registry, you gain protection over your product listings. This is good news for your sales! Amazon removes any fraudulent listings related to your brand, protecting you from cheap imitators and the damage they could cause your reputation.

There are other advantages to participating in the Brand Registry program. For example, you’ll enjoy access to the A+ Content Manager tools.

This empowers you to add extra text to your item listing alongside brand stories and high-quality images. You can really improve your product descriptions this way.

You can also use this tool to test content and see what produces the best results. This will improve the customer’s experience of your online store, which will enable you to engage them more effectively.

Amazon provides additional support to sellers who have registered their brand, protecting them from fraudulent activity. You shouldn’t just build a strong brand, you should maintain and care for it. Brand registry is one way to do so on Amazon.

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