Amazon consultant: what can they do for your business?

All you need to know about Amazon consultant services: what’s included & why they’re more popular than ever!

Amazon represents an incredible opportunity for sellers who want to reach a wide audience. Is any other e-commerce platform as prolific as this one? It’s the right time to start selling there. During the pandemic, even more people moved into the online shopping space, and experts have predicted that this behavior won’t be unlearned in its aftermath. It’s up to sellers, then, to maximize the potential of platforms like Amazon and make a profit from this recent surge in demand.

Although Amazon is undoubtedly an excellent website for sellers who desire wide-spanning reach, using the platform effectively takes some skill and knowledge. It’s not simply a matter of throwing your product online and hoping for the best. To really succeed, you’ll need a specific Amazon strategy that takes into consideration the specific nuances of its model. That’s how your products will find their audience, allowing you to make a sale.

However, in all likelihood, you have enough tasks on your to-do list as it is. Often, Amazon isn’t the only place that sellers do business. They may have in-person sites as well as other e-commerce platforms in operation. Your preexisting workload takes a comprehensive study of the Amazon platform and courses in techniques such as SEO and digital marketing totally out o the question. So what can you do as a seller to fulfil their potential and make a huge profit on Amazon?

Increasingly, sellers hire the services of Amazon store consultants to manage this aspect of their business for them. An ideal seller consultant possesses a range of skills in fields as diverse as customer service and listing optimization. They also understand the ins and outs of the Amazon platform: what’s allowed, what isn’t, what works, and what doesn’t. Your seller should function as your all-knowing guide to Amazon. They’ll help design and deliver a strategy that brings you success on the site.

Of course, hiring Amazon store consultants requires an investment. As a seller, you need to decide if it’s worth it for you and your business. One thing’s for sure: you can’t afford to ignore Amazon. About half of US households are Amazon Prime subscribers, using the site as a go-to for all kinds of items! Amazon records almost $5000 in sales every second, and they’re made all around the world. Naturally, you want a portion of that profit!

An Amazon consultant might be the exact support you need. Read on to find out what an Amazon seller consultant is, what they do, and — most importantly — what they can do for your online business.

What is an Amazon seller consultant?

Before you set yourself up on Amazon, find out what Amazon consultant services can contribute to your presence on the platform. Navigating Amazon can be very intimidating for new sellers. You may be on there already but barely making sales, or maybe Amazon continually rejects your products due to a failure to meet regulations.

An Amazon seller consultant’s role is to handle all of these issues for you, freeing you up to focus on other elements of the business. Once you realize the extent of the support that they offer, you’ll understand why so many sellers can be found googling “amazon consultant near me.”

The first thing an Amazon sales consultant can assist you with is a strategy. They’ll help you identify your goals on the site and develop a plan to reach them. This may include becoming a “Fulfilled by Amazon” store. Not sure what that is? Don’t worry — your consultant should know everything about this option, and they’ll be able to advise whether it’s the right path for your specific business.

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Another thing Amazon sales consultants do is enhance your product listings. Nobody knows your product better than you, but nobody knows the Amazon platform better than them! They’ll make sure you’re selling your items effectively: ranking highly when it comes to searches, attracting the right audience, and converting interest into sales! If your products aren’t ranking on Amazon search results, you’re leaving money on the table. A seller consultant will prevent that from happening!

Picture the scene: you’re making steady sales, your Amazon business is taking off… and then your accounting is suspended. Can you imagine anything worse? Unfortunately, inexperienced sellers often fall foul of the Amazon rules, which are frequently modified. If you don’t have time to stay updated on Amazon procedures, a consultant could be an excellent support for you. They’ll make the necessary changes to keep you on the right side of the platform’s regulations.

On a busy site like Amazon, you have to compete to attract attention. There are a range of advertising strategies you can use both on and off the platform to direct potential customers to your products. Don’t end up paying for advertising that isn’t serving your business goals. Instead, you might choose to consult with an Amazon expert who can share the most effective advertising strategies to help your business grow.

An Amazon seller consultant can represent the difference between great success on the platform and a huge waste of time. When it comes to a platform this huge, sellers want to get it right in every way. It pays to do so. That’s why so many turn to the services of an Amazon consultant. Who better to ask for support than the experts, after all?

Can a consultant help me develop a seller strategy?

People often ask if they need a seller strategy to sell on Amazon. In a word, yes! Why? Because Amazon is such an expansive and all-consuming platform. Unless you carefully plan the ways you interact with it, it could end up overwhelming both you and your business. Without a strategy, you’re really just playing on Amazon, and you’re unlikely to stumble across success that way, sadly. Amazon is no joke: it’s one of the biggest global e-commerce players, and if you get it right on this platform it could totally transform your business. Your chances of getting it right are greatly increased when you have an Amazon seller strategy to guide you. This should be specifically tailored for your business and its goals.

Many sellers find that working with an Amazon business consultant is the best way to design a strategy that truly reflects the opportunities and challenges that the platform represents. They bring their in-depth understanding of the site’s mechanisms and integrate the goals of the seller to come up with a roadmap for Amazon success. For example, you may be unsure which items should be sold on the site. An Amazon marketplace consultant can research the competition and help you figure out what to sell and at what price.

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What else can you expect from a marketplace consultant, Amazon when it comes to strategy? A great consultant should be able to suggest ways to position your brand on the platform. Maybe you should keep your brand as it exists across other platforms. Maybe reinventing yourself makes more sense either to better attract customers or for practical reasons like pricing.

Should promotions be part of your strategy? An Amazon consultant will be able to advise you based on your brand’s specific circumstances. Without a plan, you could end up making costly mistakes. Your consultant can steer you away from common errors using their expert knowledge and extensive experience. Whether you hire a consultant to help or not, make sure you have a seller strategy to make the most of this platform!

Can a consultant help me become Fulfilled by Amazon?

If you’re not sure what Fulfilled by Amazon means, that may be a sign that you need an Amazon consultant to advise you on best use of the platform. An Amazon FBA consultant can help set you up on this service, but first you need to decide if it’s the best move for your business. About ⅔ of 3rd party sellers are Fulfilled by Amazon, so what are the benefits of being FBA?

Basically, if you enroll for this service you hand over all management of packing, shipping, returns, and refunds to Amazon. All you have to do is send your products to them, and they’ll store them for you. Sales and replenishing stock will be your main focus, but Amazon will handle the rest. Sound good? Of course it does! That’s a lot of work to delegate, freeing you up for other things.

However, there are fees to pay for this service. An Amazon FBA consultant will be able to discuss those with you and figure out which approach is most cost-effective for your business. When you consider costs, you also have to consider your time. Amazon is known for its efficiency. If packing and shipping is taking up a huge part of your working day, time that could be used on higher level responsibilities such as strategy and marketing, then FBA support could be a great investment.

When you are FBA, Amazon’s 24/7 customer service operation is available to you and your customers. If a parcel goes missing, that’s Amazon’s concern. You won’t be calling around shipping companies trying to track items — Amazon will do this for you. Basically, Amazon FBA lets your small business take advantage of the impressive and comprehensive Amazon infrastructure. FBA could totally transform your average working day!

It’s not the ideal solution for every business, though. For small items, the investment you make could outweigh the benefits. Storage costs also go up after a while if the same stock is left lying, so it may not be a good idea if you’re not making regular sales. An Amazon FBA consultant will consider the current status of your company and advise if and when you should become Fulfilled By Amazon. As you can imagine, their expert knowledge of FBA is becoming a hot commodity in an increasingly Ammonified market.

Can a consultant help me rank higher in listings?

You might have the best products on the platform, but unless you’re successfully ranking on the results page you’re unlikely to see much success. People love Amazon because it’s dependable. Whatever they search for, the algorithm is likely to find high quality results that match their search terms. This reputation is something Amazon needs to maintain in order to keep its dominance over the online market.

For that reason, its algorithm has a range of criteria that your product listing must meet. Otherwise, your product will be buried in the backpages — and if you’ve ever bought from Amazon, you’ll know that customers tend to focus on the first one or two pages of results. Increasing the ranking of products on Amazon should be a top priority for anyone selling on the platform, and this is why so many sellers seek the services of an Amazon Listing Consultant.

An Amazon Optimization Consultant will fix your product listings and make them as pleasing as possible to the algorithm. They have expert knowledge on what this platform prefers, and they’ll tailor your listings to its specific criteria. This is achieved through an Amazon-specific understanding of SEO: search engine optimization. Basically, they have a range of strategies that ensure your page features highly when customers search specific terms. This maximizes your opportunities to sell.

One SEO strategy involves placing specific keywords in certain areas of your product listing. The algorithm will then scan your page and assess its quality. If the results are favorable, it will prioritize your product when customers search for those terms. However, amateur SEO should not be attempted. If you overload your listing with keywords, the algorithm will interpret your page as spam. It’s smart enough to know when sentences don’t make sense!

Most sellers don’t have time to undertake the extensive SEO training required to successfully optimize their Amazon listings. That’s why they hire an Amazon Sales Consultant to do that for them. Consultants stay up to date with any changes made to the algorithm and update your listings as required. They perform research to determine which keywords are most popularly searched and they find spaces where your service could steal a decent market share.

One of the most-requested services when it comes to Amazon consultants is support with optimizing listings. This makes sense since it’s such a crucial part of securing a sale! 

Can a consultant help me avoid account suspension?

Believe it or not, there are specific Amazon Suspension Consultants whose job is to ensure that your account stays within Amazon regulations at all times. This is a huge concern for sellers who have built a strong presence on the platform. The last thing they want is to end up on the wrong side of the rules, losing sales as they struggle to reinstate their account. Because Amazon wants to maintain its reputation as a legitimate, trustworthy site, the platform has strict standards when it comes to sellers.

Amazon Seller Central Consultants are there to talk sellers through the most important rules when it comes to selling on Amazon. They can help you to choose the correct products to sell and they can help you list them effectively. For example, Amazon does not permit the sale of restricted or counterfeit goods. Attempting to evade these restrictions could result in the immediate suspension of your account. Some sellers undoubtedly do this deliberately, but other sellers may just be uninformed about Amazon do’s and don’ts. This is where an Amazon consultant comes in handy!

Some restricted products are obvious; for example, illegal drugs. Others are less so. Certain food items are out of bounds, as are lasers or items deemed to serve lock-picking purposes. Rather that guess whether your items are acceptable, you can hire a consultant to confirm either way before you jeopardise your presence on the platform. Counterfeit items are also a no-no. You may be wondering what constitutes a counterfeit item. Maybe you sell clothes that closely resemble high-end designs but don’t make any claims to authenticity. This is a grey area that your consultant will help you navigate.

If it’s too late and you’ve already had your account suspended, an Amazon Appeal Consultant will help you appeal the decision so your seller account can be reinstated. Amazon is a huge operation, and you may struggle to access the right channels as a relatively inexperienced seller. Amazon consultants, on the other hand, know the platform inside out. That’s why so many sellers choose to hire them: it’s an easy way to avoid or address any issues that arise on the site.

Can an Amazon consultant help me with customer service?

Responding to customer enquiries can be time-consuming. An Amazon E-Commerce Consultant could take over these responsibilities. For a start, they may advise you to become a Fulfilled by Amazon business, meaning you no longer need to deal with packing and shipping products. When you’re Fulfilled by Amazon, Amazon also handles all returns and refunds. Offloading these duties can be a real saver of time and energy.
What else will an Amazon Vender Services Consultant do? They will also perform an audit to assess where your product listings are failing to appropriately address customer concerns. Your consultant will optimize your listings so they don’t just reach your audience, they convert interest into sales! These experts in e-commerce know exactly what information your customer needs before they can commit to a purchase. You might think your listings are appropriate, but if they’re underperforming, that’s a clear sign that they’re not!

You can hire a specific Consultant for Amazon Seller who will handle all elements of account management for you. If you’re struggling to keep up with the platform because you have other aspects of your business to handle, then delegating this work could be a savvy business decision. Rather than leaving customer enquiries on read, failing to implement pricing promotions, and letting product listings become stale, an Amazon consultant will take over your business’ presence on the platform.

Customer service is critical if you want to achieve success on Amazon. Just one bad Amazon Product review can place doubt in the mind of a potential customer. It’s hard to be that proactive, attentive Amazon seller when you have many other things to focus on. However, you can always hire a dedicated Amazon consultant to help you deliver top class customer service on a consistent basis.

Can an Amazon consultant help me advertise my store?

Have you already set up your Amazon storefront but you’re struggling to capture any attention? Smart marketing is what you need. Before you put your hand in your pocket to pay for advertising, ensure you have a marketing strategy that works for this unique platform. There are many options for advertising your store both on and off the platform. An Amazon advertising consultant will be able to guide you toward the most effective strategy for your specific brand.

You might choose to pay for “self-serve” ads or you might pick “premium” instead. Self-service ads show up on results pages like Google ads do. Premium ads are different: they show up as banners on the site. If you’re not well-versed in digital marketing with a specific Amazon focus, it’s hard to know which is the best path to take. An Amazon consultant will assess your business needs and help you make an informed decision based on likely results. If a “headline” advert is the best approach for you, they’ll be able to tell you that.

Now that you know the diverse range of services that they can provide, it’s understandable that you want to quickly search “amazon seller consultant near me” and get hiring. However, you should always look for the best consultants available, not just the closest ones in your area. Thanks to digital innovation, you can now access amazing Amazon consultants all over the world. Here at Cridiqa, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to make your Amazon store a success! We’d be delighted to work with you.

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