Amazon FBA PL A to Z

Cridiqa provides a complete A to Z Amazon Private Label services starting from finding a profitable product, to sourcing it keeping the cost and quality intact, to selling it on Amazon and everything in between.

We have a talented team of more than 400 Amazon experts and offices network in all major countries Like USA, UK, China and Pakistan. With 150 launches and counting, Cridiqa has decent amount of experience in starting, running and scaling Amazon business in major marketplaces. We have invested more than 5 million USD with out clients in 6 different Amazon marketplaces like USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and UAE.

One of the major advantages of choosing Cridiqa as you Amazon PL partner is, we have our own physical office in Shenzhen China which takes care of all the sourcing, quality check and shipping. With our own resources available in China, we talk directly to the manufacturer bypassing all the middlemen’s allowing us to get quality product with high profit margins. We understand that in order to be successful in Amazon PL business, we need a strong souring game and we got that covered already with our China office.

Amazon FBA PL (Private Label)

Here are the services Cridiqa covers in A to Z Amazon FBA Private Label journey for its clients.

  • Finding a profitable product based on the analytical research of the market using all the necessary tools like Helium10, Viral Launch, Jungle Scout, Keepa and all the manual techniques we learned with our experience in Amazon.
  • Finding a quality souring and supply chain to precure the product with atleast 20% profit margin on each sale individually.
  • Doing a thorough patent check to find any legal claims on the product. This is necessary to know if we can sell a specific product in a marketplace or not.
  • Doing a sample evaluation in China to know about the competitor product by comparing the competition and our manufacturer product to see quality parameters.
  • Opening a company in a country in which client want to sell, filing a trademark and registering the brand on Amazon to secure the brand and products from hijackers. Also take care of Amazon seller accounts and bank account if client don’t have any.
  • Ordering and managing the inventory manufacturing process.
  • Doing a complete inventory inspection to make sure the inventory passes all the quality test before shipping.
  • Shipping the product to Amazon warehouse via our own freight forwarding channel in China.
  • Creating and optimizing Amazon list before shipping the product to Amazon.
  • Professional photography, Videography and content writing of the product to create an impact when breaching the market.
  • Creating and managing all sponsored campaigns and Amazon PPC including multichannel marketing of the product.
  • Creating a modern Ecommerce website of the same brand and product for client. This is necessary in order to get approved for trademark and as a registered brand on Amazon.
  • Managing and scaling the complete launch on Amazon to achieve highest ranking on main keywords organically.
  • Launching multiple products in a same niche to achieve brand dominance for our clients.

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