Amazon PPC Management

Cridiqa has done more than 150 Amazon Private Label Launched in 6 different Amazon marketplaces like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and UAE. We have a dedicated team of PPC experts and our in-house tools which monitor, evaluate and optimize PPC campaigns on hourly basis.

We have spent more than 2 million USD in Amazon PPC with decent ROI and minimum ACOS possible. If you are running Amazon PPC campaign, you need to get professional and experts on board to be profitable and Cridiqa is the best choice for that because of our vast portfolio and experience in PPC.

Amazon PPC Consultant

Our expert team analyze the data on daily basis and optimize the campaigns which suits your business requirements. They also review cost per click, ROI, impressions and bids everyday to find the winning keywords and kill the keywords who are not converting and are just wasting ad budget.

We also provide you with the daily PPC report so you could track your performance overtime. The complete process is automated so you don’t have to chase anyone for updates, you could simple review daily performance on you mobile or laptop at a time which suits you.

If you need Cridiqa to manage your Amazon PPC or you want to start Amazon PL Business and need A to Z services for that, kindly get in touch with one of our expert consultant to learn about how you cant start online ecommerce business on Amazon. We do not charge anything for consultancy. You may check out our social networks Facebook, Twitter etc.

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