Syed Muhammad Abubaker Shah

A young man who aspires to “travel for the moon and settle among the stars,” was born in Multan, Pakistan, on February 1, 1994. His desire for being an Online Entrepreneur and his ideology never enabled him to agree on anything cheap, which is why he saw the enormous need for financially balancing out young.

Personal Early Life

Abubaker was a keen watcher of himself as well as a fine-liner. His father took him to a conference about the web-based world by chance while he was in his early grades, and it was the day a spark ignited a profound desire to be a businessperson. Following his passion, he completed a four-year certificate in business administration from Bahauddin Zakariya College in 2017 and gained knowledge of the internet-based trading industry. He completed confirmations in Harvard’s Business Venture in Emerging Economies, Google Ad, Wilderness Scout, Helium10, and SEMrush.

It is in ourselves, not in the stars, that we hold our destiny.

Professional Career & Achievement

Accepting this, he initiated Drop Shipping from China for Daraz Online Store. He propelled 300 items, making him the top Daraz Multan dealer with over 3000 dynamic SKUs and 200 more orders every day, which marked the turning point in his career. He successfully launched another venture, “Monohut,” two years later, in January 2018. He became Daraz Multan’s best vendor throughout Pakistan, with over 3000 dynamic SKU’s and 200 additional orders every day. His desire to go further led him to Extreme Commerce, where he blossomed as a brilliant one-on-one understudy directly prepared by Sunny Ali. He co-founded “Cridiqa Ltd,” an Amazon counseling and administration organization, in April 2020, leaving no stone unattended. With a passion for learning about Amazon Sellers’ unique and complex difficulties. “Syed Muhammad Abubaker Shah” founded Cridiqa Restricted to provide arrangements to Amazon FBA PL clients. Cridiqa started its activities in Pakistan’s Multan City. With rapid commerce expansion, it spread to several Pakistani cities, including Islamabad, Sialkot, and Mansehra. After that, it established its headquarters in the United Kingdom and stores in China to expand its customer base and provide solutions. Cridiqa Restricted also educates and empowers the despondent young generation. Over 100 students are enrolled in the organization for a short time to learn and develop a variety of Amazon-related skills. By claiming fame to assist in getting after domains, critique has turned into a title of trust for Amazon (PL) Vendors.
-> Amazon SEO & PPC
-> Amazon Account & Positioning Maintenance
-> Speed of Reviews & Deals
-> Showcase, Brand, & Item Research Since its dispatch
Cridiqa worked with over a hundred traders. They have employed 200+ people locally and globally, including the United States, Germany, Canada, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates, enabling Cridiqa to be regarded as Pakistan’s largest Amazon dealer community.


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