Guide to Selling Your Products on Amazon

Once you’ve set up your account, chosen your products, and established your brand… it’s time to start selling! Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on what you need to consider to be a superstar seller.

Amazon rules and suspension

Nothing is more annoying for newbie sellers than when Amazon suspends their store or freezes their account for breaking a rule. It happens more often than you might think!

To maintain its reputation as a reliable, high-quality eCommerce platform, Amazon has to enforce strict regulations on its sellers. Many newcomers to the site are oblivious and end up in trouble before they even get started.

Here are just some of the rules you should be aware of:

  • All information provided to customers must be accurate
  • You must not attempt to damage another seller through poor ratings
  • You must not attempt to influence customer feedback
  • You should not contact customers with unsolicited communications
  • You should not take any action that circumvents the Amazon sales process
  • You should not have more than one Amazon seller account

You might think you can describe and display your products in whatever way you choose, but you’d be wrong.

Think about it: are Amazon product photos covered in text? Are they shown on colorful backgrounds? Are they decorated using special effects or filters?

The answer is no! Amazon maintains consistency across its wide range of sellers by enforcing rules about how products can be shown and sold. If you don’t stick to these as a new seller, your product could be removed or you could be suspended.

Make sure you understand the correct method before you start uploading images and completing product descriptions. It will save you significant time and stress.

Pricing strategies and promotions

The online marketplace has major implications when it comes to customer experience. Where once a customer might have needed a mug, walked to the store, and bought the only mug he could find (no matter what the price was) now customers are overwhelmed by options.

This represents a challenge to the average Amazon seller. How do you make your product stand out in the crowd? One way to do so is through competitive pricing. 

If you’re able to offer your product at a reduced price when compared to similar sellers, you might be able to win over new customers.

However, you still have to make a profit, and that will limit the discounts that you’re able to offer. Some sellers have found that short-term promotions can bring an influx of new customers without them having to commit to long-term price cuts.

Others have found that marketing their product as a high-end item, worthy of a higher price tag, has attracted shoppers that seek exclusivity. There is a range of approaches you can take, but you should think seriously about your pricing strategy.

Reaching your target market

To sell your products, you need to reach your target market. How can you achieve this? Through a mixture of branding, advertising, and market research.

When you’re setting up your online store, you should have a clear idea of your ideal customer. This way, you can communicate with them clearly when you’re describing your products.

Product listings are especially convincing when they anticipate and meet the specific needs of the potential customer. You can look at how other stores have described their products for ideas on what to do and what not to do.

Another reason it’s important to know the customer that you’re aiming for is that it will help you effectively target marketing campaigns. These days, you’re able to pay for advertising that reaches people from specific demographics.

If you know what they’re searching for, you can ensure that your product is first to appear on the results list! As you grow your store, you’ll be able to complement your pre-existing range with products that your target market wants to buy.

Providing excellent customer service

Because you’re operating through a platform like Amazon, you might have a false idea that customer service is less important. Actually, when customers have so many options to choose from online, they often check out reviews to see which service is superior.

You can build a solid reputation on Amazon by answering customer queries promptly and politely, sending products out as planned, and handling any complaints professionally.

If you don’t respond quickly to customer questions, there’s no reason for them to wait around. They can simply move on to a seller who will! That’s why customer service is especially important on an eCommerce platform like Amazon.

One reason you might receive negative feedback is if the product received by the customer is not as described. That’s why it’s so important to get your product listings right. If enough customers complain that your information isn’t accurate, this could result in account suspension.

A white lie to generate a sale is not a solid long-term strategy on Amazon. Instead, you need to consistently show that customers can trust you and your products.

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