Want to rank your product on first page of Amazon ?

Take leverage of a proven and tested strategy we used to rank 60+ products on the first page of Amazon

1. Complete keyword research and gap analysis of competition before jumping in

2. Using in-house AI-based software to calculate the sales velocity required for top-ranking positions

3. Utilize our network of trusted buyers to drive sales on your Amazon listings

Why your product is not ranking on Amazon

You did everything according to the system. You successfully developed a compelling product. You push the publish button and your product went live on Amazon and….. Nothing. No customers, no sales, no revenue. You pulled up all the reports and it turns out, no one is viewing your product. You instantly move to Amazon PPC and Facebook ads and you see some sales but as soon as you turn it off, the sale is gone. This isn’t what you expected when launching a product right? You want consistent traffic to your Amazon listing and first page ranking but … how, exactly?

Actually it’s quite simple if you know how the Amazon ranking algorithm works, so we are revealing this secret: “Consistent Sales Velocity on Targeted Keyword.” That’s right, you need to drive sales through the keyword you want to rank for and eventually you will reach top spot.

Let’s say, you want to rank for “Salt Lamp”, you need to get sales through that specific keyword everyday to finally achieve a top ranking spot. If you keep doing this long enough, you will reach first position for that keyword.

What’s the catch here? High search volume or commonly used keywords require more sales than low search volume or less common keywords. For example, “salt lamp” is a more popular and commonly used keyword to buy salt lamps rather than “big salt lamp.” So it requires more sales to rank for “salt lamp” than it requires to rank for “big salt lamp.” This is how any keyword or Amazon SEO campaign should start. We use all these and some more advanced techniques in our launches that is why we are industry leaders in Amazon product launching and account management.

Keyword-targeted sales method to drive sales to your Amazon Listing

Say we did our research and decided to first rank for the keyword “big salt lamp.” You now know that it would take 13 sales per day to rank on that keyword. With our financial research, you know the keyword is worth $14,000, so you are now willing to start the ranking process on that keyword. But the question is, how will you generate 13 sales per day that target the keyword “big salt lamp?”

It’s simple: You will be running campaigns through our developed process to target early buyers and offer them to buy your product on Amazon in exchange for discounted coupons or rebates. You can also reach millions of buyers outside Amazon through our strategically designed Facebook chatbots which have high numbers of conversions. The system we have is so powerful that we used it to launch extremely competitive products like bed sheets and had them ranked #1 on Amazon within a month’s time.

Refine strategy by tracking key metrics to see what works – and what doesn’t

Ranking a product on Amazon without properly tracking it is like wandering in a dark forest without a light. You could be completely off track and you would never know it. To put it analytically, you need to track the ranking against the keyword you want to rank for to see if your ranking strategy is working or not. This is why, at Cridiqa, we monitor and track every keyword to refine our strategies on a daily basis.

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